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By Jared Null posted Feburary 27, 2016


Since the war to dominate the ad-blocker market is a free for all game, users will suffer until a leading contender emerges. The more polluted the internet becomes, the more stagnating content and restrictions threaten the free flow of information on the internet.

Content walls are the most intrusive because they block the main content by forcing an HTML/CSS wall element right on top of your requested content. The only way to get past this “content wall”, is to press the artificial close button. This cat and mouse game will never end, or will it? Perhaps there's a free solution where everybody wins?  

Entering: ControlZweb

ControlZweb allows the user to control their web experience through collaboration and censuses, each page element is either helpful or not, and each user is in a position of ranking what information is valuable to them, then sharing that with others with the same interests by connecting via keywords. 

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